Charity Support: Kids Under Cover

Australand staff commit to participating in building a demountable studio.
Kids Under Cover believes every young person has a right to a secure, stable home and a sound education. They work to make this belief a reality. Young people often become homeless when family relationships break down. Kids Under Cover’s response is simple. They offer one or two bedroom fully demountable studios constructed in the backyard of the family/carer’s home. This unique style of accommodation allows families to stay connected, eases the pressure of overcrowding and provides the young person with a secure and stable environment in which to grow into healthy adulthood. 

Australand has pledged $50,000 to Kids Under Cover to support their Studio Program. In addition, 34 staff members have volunteered to participate in building a demountable studio for a family in Deer Park. This job started on Monday and will continue until Friday of next week.

Click here for a fact sheet on Kids Under Cover or visit Kids Under Cover if you’d like to donate or get involved.


Article Courtesy of Australand