Prefabricated Durra Eco-Form Cabin

This morning our first Prefabricated Durra Eco-Form Cabin left our production facilities in Bendigo, Victoria.

The cabin seen in the images below is a 'Torquay 6 cabin' with verandah. This cabin is bound for 'Landmark' in Foster, Victoria and will be open for display to the general public.



Durra Acoustic Ceiling Featured on 'Build It Bigger'


The Durra Acoustic Ceiling comprising of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections as featured on Discovery Channel's Build it Bigger in a recently aired episode.

‘Drought Proofing Australia’ is based around the Victorian Desalination Plant, it delves into the construction of one of the largest Desalination Plants in the world.

"The reverse osmosis building is not only the largest of the 29 structures on-site - it's also the largest industrial facility ever designed to be virtually invisible to passersby. The enormous 6-acre roof will be topped with 100,000 native plants growing on a high-tech foam membrane system. The vegetation will preserve views by mimicking a gently sloping hill; but this design isn't just to make the plant look pretty. It brings the added benefits of sound dampening and protection from corrosive salt air."

The Durra Acoustic Ceiling was successfully installed over the entire roof area of the Reverse Ozmosis Building using the Durra Lifting Frame.

The right choice for:

  • Enhanced Site Safety
  • Rapid Installation
  • Highly Impact Resistant Finishes
  • Superior Reliable Acoustic Performance