Ortech Components Now Available in Revit Format

Ortech Steel Beam Sections are now available in Revit format for download.

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and many other CAD details.


Aqualink BoxHill

Whitehorse City Council is investing $30+ million, including a $2.5 million contribution from the Victorian Government through Sport and Recreation Victoria, to transform AQBH into a modern, high quality facility, with greatly improved accessibility and an expanded range of aquatic and leisure opportunities for the Whitehorse community.


Demountable Acoustic Wall System:

•Durra 250 Duplex Studs

•Durra Panel S50 – Plain Finish


Builder: Stosius & Staff

Installer: Stosius & Staff


Star City - Multi Use Entertainment Facility

Star City Lift in Progress

Construction is well underway for the new Multi Use Entertainment Facility at Sydney’s Star City Casino.

The new ‘MUEF’ will accommodate up to 4000 people and be used for concerts, live telecasts, cinema and fashion parades.

Due to high density residential living surrounding the new facility, very strict noise parameters have been set for the project.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System has been chosen for its superior noise transmission loss performance.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System will be pre-assembled on a ground based jig and then crane hoisted into position using the Durra Lifting Frame.



Lift Off - Durra Panel Acoustic Roof System - Gladstone Entertainment Centre

The Durra Lifting Frame (shown above) being used to install large modules of acoustic roof at the new Gladstone Entertainment Centre Project, Queensland. Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections are assembled in modules on the ground and then lifted onto the structure using the Durra Lifting Frame, a fast, safe and efficient method of site installation that eliminates 90% of labour associated with working at heights.
The Durra acoustic roof system will provide noise control for the function centre and concert hall with provision for high wind loads that occur in the region. This state of the art development has been driven by the council to create a larger, multi-purpose entertainment venue for Regional Queensland to host major events and attract new entertainment options. Ortech Industries have been working alongside Acoustic engineers Ron Rumble/Renzo Tonin, the design team from Thomson Adsett and contractors Adco Constructions for what will be an exciting Landmark project for Gladstone.



Roll out of 'SeaSpray' Cabin

Roll out of Seaspray cabin


Construction has just been completed on our prototype cabin the 'Seaspray'.

The cabin has been designed as a three bedroom cabin measuring 18m long and 5.2m wide, which allows for transportation from our factory in Bendigo as required.

Stay tuned for more pricing and details on this new exciting cabin range.


St Bedes Gymnasium

The construction of the new indoor sporting facility is under way at St Bedes College.

The project involves a facelift internally and externally to the existing gymnasium along

with a significant extension to the hall to provide additional facilities.


The Durra Suspended Acoustic Ceiling has been installed to the underside of the existing and new roof structure.

Providing a reduction in noise levels to adjoining residential properties, along with internal reverberation control.

With the added benefit of a highly impact resistant surface.


Durra Suspended Acoustic System:

•Durra 80 Duplex Main Runners – Powdercoat Paint Finish

•Durra Cross Tee Runners – Powdercoat Paint Finish

•Durra Panel S50 – Acoustic Pattern – Luxoltex Fine Finish


Builder: D.J. Rice

Installer: D.J. Rice

Architect: Kneeler Design Group

Structural Engineer: Perrett Simpson Stantin

Acoustic Consultant: Acoustic Consulting Australia