QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project QLD – Durra Panelised Acoustic Roof and Wall Systems

QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project near Wandoan QLD is nearing half way through completion. The project consists of 2 water treatment buildings and is a part of QGC’s Water management strategy to make water treated for beneficial use for local landholders, industry and communities. Working with project contractors Laing O’Rourke, Ortech Industries have specifically designed a 6th Generation Lifting Frame that is capable of lifting full height panelised acoustic roof and wall modules of nominal 16m high x 9m wide. The modules are assembled on the ground complete with the building’s roof or wall cladding and fittings prior to crane hoisting onto the structure. This innovative panelised method of construction eliminates 90% of the risks associated with working at heights and compresses build time. Durra Panel was faced with a perforated anticon before being placed into the grid, easily achieving the acoustic requirements for sound absorption, as well as break out noise control. Contractor installers Q-Clad Pty Ltd were able to safely cover the 5000m2 building envelope within 3 weeks. A corner stone objective of Ortech is to satisfy the ever growing need for sustainable innovative construction techniques combined with modular solutions and pre fabrication – Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodology.