Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel Point Load Testing - Two Tonnes

Long term safety and reliability are key criteria when choosing a Walkable Ceiling for your project. Ortech’s Managing Director Derek Layfield is pleased to sign off on the latest development in Durra Walkable Ceiling Panels.

Ortech Industries are market leaders in the manufacture of Walkable Ceiling Systems for over 40 years.

The test video above shows the New High Performance Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel undergoing extreme point load safety testing. The Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel (metal faced) sustained a point load of over 2 Tonnes for 2 minutes, with no sign of catastrophic failure. As you can also see from the test video above, once the point load is removed, the panels unique inbuilt memory returns and continues to provide significant load bearing support.

The New Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel is FM (Factory Mutual) Approved as a class 1 fire resistant product. The combination of; high strength, long term reliability, impact and fire resistance makes Durra Panel the safest choice for your Walkable Ceiling project.

If you are interested in more information, please click here for the walkable ceilings booklet and for full test result results please contact your Ortech representative.