DURRA Wall Systems

The Durra Wall System range is an exciting and revolutionary new development for internal modular walling systems.   Durra systems retain well proven methods and established construction techniques but places additional emphasis on simplicity, strength, speed of installation, economy of use, flexible design and environmental benefits.

Durra Wall Systems provide a strong, durable wall which has comparable features to a plasterboard wall, but with ten times the impact resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation. It is a lightweight system with the practicalities of traditional finishes, at a remarkably competitive price.


Durra Wall System

The Durra Wall System comprises of Durra Steel Wall Girts and Durra Acoustic Panel. Modules of this complete wall system can be constructed on ground along with insulation, external cladding, gutters and down pipes.

The Durra Wall system is then craned into position using the Durra Lifiting Frame.

Durra Wall System - Pre-assembled and Craned Into Position

Durra Wall System - Craned Into Position



Durra Wall Lining System

The Durra Acoustic Wall Panels can be used as a wall lining. The Durra Acoustic Panels can be stacked vertically or horizontally up the wall as high as required.

The Durra Acoustic Panels use a mechanical biscuit type connection system along the length of the each panels which are then fixed back to wall girts/framing.

Vertical and horizontal joints are concealed using a combination of aluminium sections.

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Durra Wall Lining




Typical Durra Self Supporting Wall System

The Durra 58mm Panel is manufactured with a square edge(S58) and uses the principle of a mechanical biscuit type connection system combined with a water based flexible sealant joint if required; a fixed or demountable wall system.

The Durra 58mm Panel provides a self supporting partition wall that does not require stud work to a recommended maximum height of 2700mm. The standard panel width is 1187mm.



Durra Wall Systems Suitability:

  • Acoustic Sheds
  • Power Stations
  • Turbine Buildings
  • Processing Plants
  • Indoor Sporting Stadiums
  • Auditoriums
  • High Performance Acoustic Walls
  • Cinema Walls
  • Apartment Walls