DURRA Acoustic Ceiling Systems

The Durra Ceiling System combines Durra Panel® with Durra Steel Purlins. A labour saving cost effective system that has outstanding acoustic properties, strong fire resistance, and is fast, safe, and simple to install. The environmental benefits of building with Durra Panel are of course unmatched by current industry standards.

The Durra Ceiling System is based on a 1200mm grid and is connected to structural steelwork with a standard bolted cleat detail. Durra Panel® is supported by Durra Steel purlins that can clear span upto 12 metres between supports.

The specification of this proven high performance acoustic ceiling system will deliver a superior outcome for your project. The combination of safe, rapid, and economical installation makes the Durra Ceiling System highly versatile. A wide range of pre-finished acoustic finishes are available including perforated metals to meet individual project needs.


Typical Ortech Roof / Ceiling System

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For assistance of a suitable economical system or installation details, please contact a Technical Representative


Universal Support Brackets

For suspending light-weight services from the ceiling, Ortech offer universal support brackets which connect to the bottom flange of Durra Steel purlins. The Universal Support Brackets (USBs) are supplied in pairs and are rated to a safe working load (SWL) capacity of 60kg per pair. Fixing bolts are not included.

Please contact a Technical Representative for point loading capacity of Durra Steel purlins for your individual project requirements.