Building Systems


Durra Building Systems combine innovative sustainable design, with high strength, durability and excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Durra Panel is unique; manufactured through a dry extrusion process from a renewable annual resource, wheat or rice straw fibres, it is a highly rigid fire resistant building product with low embodied energy. With no use of water or gas during manufacture, Durra Panel is also playing a role in conservation and a sustainable future.

Architects, Builders and Acoustic Engineers have been attracted to Durra Wall and Roof / Ceiling Systems due to its acoustic properties, ease of use, increased on-site safety and valuable time saving efficiencies.

Durra Roof / Ceiling & Wall systems comprising of Durra Steel Purlins/Girts and Durra Acoustic Panels can be designed to suit flat or curved roof structures and are ideal for projects that demand acoustic and thermal control, with theadded benefit of high impact resistance.

Suitable for both ceiling and wall applications, the unique installation method using the Durra Lifting Frame saves valuable time, reduces project costs and improves site safety with the majority of construction on ground level. Pre-finished panels and purlins or girts are delivered to site and ensure minimal on-site wastage. A pre-engineered, pre-finished, dry construction system that is highly impact resistant and low in maintenance.

Durra Roof/Ceiling Module Craned Into Position

Durra Wall System Being Craned Into Position